Full Day and 1.5 Day Bluefin!

Photo from The San Diego's trip on May 12.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of The San Diego Sportfishing

by Seaforth Staff
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UPDATE 3:50pm - The San Diego is up to 30+ now on the Bluefin and are still pulling on 2!

1:35pm - Captain Matt and the San Diego now have 20+ Bluefin resting comfortably in their RSW with anther 6 anglers still pulling on some fish! The San Diego is a DEFINITE RUN on Tuesday May 14th! Stay tuned for more updates from the tuna grounds!

2:45pm - Captain Shane aboard the Tribute just called in with 20 Bluefin (25-60lbs) for their 10 anglers on their 1.5 day trip! They are going to spend the rest of the afternoon looking for Yellowtail and other species!

12:15pm - Captain Matt and the San Diego just slid into a school of biting Bluefin and so far have 8 Bluefin on the boat (50-70lbs) with another 8 fish or so hanging!

Recommended tackle for these Bluefin trips should include a 25# outfit for kelp patty Yellowtail, a 40# live bait setup with a 1/0 sized circle hook and fluorocarbon, a 50# sinkered bait outfit, and a 60 or 80# flatfall jig setup rigged with fluorocarbon! These past few days, the schools of fish these tuna boats are chasing down can range from 25lbs to well over 100lbs!

Seaforth Sportfishing offers all of these setups to rent, all come with spectra backing and 2-speed reels to give each angler the best chance to land a fish of a lifetime!

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UPDATEThe San Diego has 8 bluefin on the boat for their Full Day trip, and more of them biting. The fish are in the 70# range. The Tribute has 15 bluefin and 3 yellowtail on the boat for their 10 1.5 day anglers! The bluefin are in the 25-60# range. We have the Aztec departing tonight and Thursday night. Make your reservations now!...... Read More

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