Big Bear Lake Fishing Report

Big Bear Lake - Big Bear Lake, CA (San Bernardino County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Big Bear Sporting Goods

by Big Bear Sporting Goods

What a difference a week can make !

As summer weather continues to heat up the Big Bear Valley anglers are noticing a consistent rise in the water temps of Big Bear Lake.

Temps have jumped from 63 to 65 on the surface to 65 and 67 (particularly in the East end near Stanfield Cutoff and Juniper Point)...

Long story short...the best Trout Fishing conditions exist in the West End of the Lake.
Shoreline anglers need to be using 3 to 4 foot long leaders when fishing the bottom from Windy Point to the "Red House". We are seeing plenty of "Catchin' Action" Early in the A.M. and again later in the day in these areas.

Power Bait, in a Variety of Colors and Scents, is still the go to bait for getting some beautiful 'High Altitude Pink Meats" to the net. For those wishing to fish West of the Buoy Line then a Slip Bobber set at 15 to 22 feet is necessary as the dissolved oxygen levels fade below 25 feet .
Trolling is the way to go to cover more territory and increase your chances of landing more fish. Again, West is Best and East is least when Summer arrives and Lake Waters Heat. Trolling 3 to 4 colors down with Needlefish, Thomas Buoyants and Night Crawlers is proving to be pretty successful.

We are seeing more consistent catches of Big Bear Bucket Mouths along the South Shoreline's Structure from Boulder Bay to Garstin Island. Plastics, Crank and Swim Baits are all performing.
Its has been absolutely Wonderful to see so many Families fishing together this season, many of whom are "First Timers" , enjoying our Beautiful Valley and making special memories...

Ella and Gabrielle T. came into BBSG with their Dad and Uncle to get gear and get a few tips before heading out to "Soak Bait". A short while later They Proudly returned to share the story of their 4 fish catch with the "Fishin' Guys" at BBSG.

Todd P. Also showed up with an 11lb Stringer of 'Bows...the biggest being 3.6 pounds.

"So stop wishing and get to fishing" at Big Bear Lake.

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