Big Bear Fishing Report

Big Bear Lake - Big Bear Lake, CA (San Bernardino County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Big Bear Sporting Goods

by Big Bear Sporting Goods

Big Bear Lake is still producing good catches of Rainbow Trout despite higher Summertime temps.

Time, Technique and Location are ESSENTIAL keys to a successful fishing trip and improving your catch!!!

Shoreline anglers, who choose to forego the use of a Slip Bobber, can do so from Old Grays Landing west to the Sandy Beach near the Red House. The average depths in these areas range from 14 to 18 feet...a good depth in the water column for Temp and D O. that Big Bear Bows migrate to. Use a 3 to 4 foot light weight leader ( 2#-4#) with Garlic, Salmon Egg, or Corn flavored Power Baits. Adding a viscous liquid attractant is a quick way to disperse the scent of your bait to entice the 'Bows to bite. But pay heed...Anglers better wake up early and have lines in by 630 a.m. or wait until the evening bite about 7p.m. because once temps start to rise the fish pull off the Shoreline.

For those that get a later start then it's better to fish West of the buoy line, from either the North or South shore using a "Sub Surface Variable Depth Bait Delivery System" a.k.a. "Slip Bobber" set to a depth of 15 to 22 feet. Power Bait, Berkley or Atlas Mike's Salmon Eggs and Night Crawlers are enticing these fish to strike.

Trolling "Dead Center" of the lake from the Buoy Line up to the SS Relief towing Needlefish ( Pearl Bikini, Perch, Chicken Wing and Watermelon) Rapalas or Wedding Rings tipped off with a piece of Crawler at 3 to 4 colors are the "Hot Ticket"....

Other Trolling Circuits include "Trout Alley " (The Rock Walk to Zebra Room)

And the West Launch Ramp to Old Grays. But on these routes stay about 200 to 250 feet off the shore and 3 to 4 colors deep.

Boulder Bay and the Picnic Table area at the East Launch Ramp are great locations to let youngsters keep busy with the Bull Heads and Carp.

We are starting to see a few Blue Cats come in from the overnight anglers working the shoreline near Juniper Point and near the West Launch.

Call BBSG for the latest Lake and Fishing conditions 999 866 3222

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