Cachuma Lake Fishing Report

Cachuma Lake - Santa Barbara, CA (Santa Barbara County)

by Cachuma Lake Staff

Fishing has picked up all over the lake. Several really nice trout were caught this week on garlic night crawlers, trolling 65 feet deep by the dam and in the middle of the lake. Dozens of Catfish were reported caught but the dam and in the middle of the lake on garlic night crawlers. Two 6 lbs. Catfish were caught on mackerel and shrimp in Santa Cruz Bay and Cachuma Bay. Bass and Crappie are being caught all over the lake on night crawls. Belugill and redear are still being caught.

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Trout are really slow because the days are hot and the water is warm. They are at least 65 feet deep. One angler caught 2 trout. Bass, Catfish and crappie are being caught on garlic night crawlers. You can find bass and crappie around arrowhead island hiding in the reeds, under down trees and near the rock ledges and in the marshes. Crappie are being coign hon plastics and purple robo’s. Catfish were caught in cach cove on garlic worms. ...... Read More

A little girl caught a 5 pound largemouth bass on garlic worms and she did not give up the spot. 40 to 50 redear and 100 bluegill were caught on meal worms from a boat by the docks. Two catfish were caught with a Rapala near the Dam in Little Cachuma Cove. Catfish are very active and being caught on garlic worms, mackerel and dough. Bass and crappie are still very active hiding in the reeds, under down trees and...... Read More