Channel Islands Sportfishing Fish Count for: July 30, 2019

by Channel Islands Sportfishing
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Today’s Fish Count: 6 Boats and 139 Anglers.

171 Calico Bass, 35 Barracuda, 15 Yellowtail, 23 Bonito, 72 Perch, 1 White Seabass, 2 Halibut, 27 Sheephead, 13 Sculpin, 187 Whitefish, and 285 Rockfish.

Tuesday was another good day of surface fishing for the local island boats. Barracuda and Calico Bass are starting to bite really good on both live bait and artificials. Dropping to the bottom over the shallow reefs are also producing a lot of Whitefish as they have all season, but only recently the Sheephead have started to pop. Some Yellowtail are out there too, and biting baits on the long soak away from the boat, or long casts with surface irons. Really good fishing if you can get a bait to cooperate or cast really well. The water is warming up quickly, so fishing should continue to heat up also!

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*All boats are independently owned & operated*

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