Fall is in Full Swing at Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake - Big Bear Lake, CA (San Bernardino County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Big Bear Sporting Goods

by Big Bear Sporting Goods

Fall in Big Bear has chimneys infusing the crisp morning air with their sweet, smokey scent. It seems to me that a hot cup of coffee always smells and tastes better on these mornings as I hop in the truck and head out to open the shop. On my drive in, I stop to take in the view of our lake. It is as serene as a reflecting pool. The mountains shadows stretch and ebb across the mirror like water. The sunrise sets ablaze the fiery colors of Autumn on the hillsides. Fall in the Big Bear Valley is like nowhere else in southern California and a sight that everyone needs to experience at least once...

But make sure to bring a sweater and some fishing gear with you because now is the time of year that the mornings get Cold and the Bite gets Hot!

Cooler daytime highs and chillier nightime lows have reduced Surface water temps into the mid and upper 60's in the deeper waters of the West End.

Dissolved Oxygen levels are staying between 7 and 9 parts per million. This means Big Bear's Rainbow Trout population is on the chew and on the move!

Big Bear Lake has consistently received Trout Plants from the D.F.W. and M.W.D. throughout the year with additional plants planned prior to The W.O.N. 15th Annual Troutfest Tournament slated for October 5th and 6th.

Trout Schooling Patterns are typical for this time of year. Smaller schools scattered from the S.S. Relief and westward to the Buoy Line. The bite is on for both Trollers and Shoreline anglers.

Carolina or Slip Bobber rigs for the "Bankies" set up with Power bait or Night Crawlers are producing from the Red House and East up to Grays Landing. Drop Shotting or Jigging from the Old Dam to the Buoy Line is the place to be for Early Risers and we've seen lots of nice , fat, hold-overs taken from either the North or South Shore in that vicinity. The 'Bows are really liking Berkley Mice Tails in these areas when jigged but seen to prefer traditional Garlic or Salmon Egg flavored Power Bait when fished on a Slip Bobber or Carolina rig.

Trollers and Drifters are having good success running from the Buoy Line in the center of the lake up to Papoose Bay.

Live Bait (Night Crawlers) suspended about 10 to 20 feet down with or without a wedding ring harness are producing beautiful 'Bows. If I were in the tournament I would definitely head west and work that area early....then spread to either the North Shore up to the S.S. Relief or Trout Alley between the Rock Wall and Zebra Room.

The 15th annual Western Outdoor News Troutfest will be held October 5th and 6th 2019 and is the last major tournament of the seasonr. This year, Prizes include a $5k Blind Bogey and a Grand Prize Raffle of a $12,000.00 Klamath boat, motor and trailer package. The first 600 entrants will receive complimentary " Goodie Bags" filled with loads of great gear!

Its the time of year when our local marinas start getting ready for winter shut down...Most private Marinas will remain open until Early or Mid November but their days and hours of operation depend on the weather...The East Public Launch Ramp is slated to remain open until November 2019. But it's always a good idea to call your favorite launch prior to coming up to check their hours of operation. The Really Good News is Big Bear Lake remains open to shoreline anglers year round.

For the latest fishing reports and lake conditions call Big Bear Sporting Goods at 909 866 3222. Until next time, the "Fishin' Guys" wish you tight lines and full stringers!

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