Lake Casitas Report

Lake Casitas - Ventura, CA (Ventura County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lake Casitas Staff

by Casitas Lake Staff

Nearing the end of his stay in Southern California, Rockwall, Texas, resident Rob Bagott was again seen on the early morning waters of Lake Casitas. During his stay, while sampling the full spectrum of rental craft available through the Casitas Marina, he's been the "hot hand" in his group. This 3-4 pound prize was caught on an Erin's Magic R&B Roboworm in the lake's main channel at about 7 a.m. on a clear but slightly breezy morning and released on its own recognizance. "When this brute all but jumped into the boat, I had had only about 5 hours sleep and was running on half a pot of coffee and three mini Kind bars." said the tired-but-happy Texan while rubbing bloodshot eyes. His girlfriend, Annie Wu, of Fate, Texas, has been amply impressed with his skills. "This guy can really provide!" she said.

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