Cachuma Lake Fishing Report

Cachuma Lake - Santa Barbara, CA (Santa Barbara County)

Crappie Mike' Burge, South Bay, CA, 2.6 Crappie From a boat close to the Flats, hit a curly tail grub sitting on 24 ft of water.

by Cachuma Lake Staff

The threat of a storm this weekend kept the fishing to a dull roar. Despite that, there were quite a few success stories. Some lures from Rapala, Berlkey and S Waver are still coaxing the fish out of the reeds. For those fishing deep, drop shots and Texas rigs are working well. We saw a lot fo Senkos and Powerbait worms as well as night cralwers. Our water level is still over 70% well above the spillway so no trout plants are planned.

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The pleasant weather has brought out both fishermen and fish. Bass are still biting, but the court are picking back up. Philip Spadoro from SB caught a large mouth with a jig. Brain Hiatt from Santa Maria caught 5 bass averaging 2 lbs on Robo Worms. Out water leve is still over 70 % well above the spill way so no trout plants are planned. ...... Read More

Someone finally found the trout! They wouldn’t say much, but rumor has it that they were trolling closing to Santa Cruz Bay. Bass are still bitting at the wall on Yamamoto senkos set up on a drop shot. The popular lures are Zara Spooks, strike kings and flicker shad. Catfish but the dam are are biting on mackerel. We’re still over 70 % water capacity, well above the spillway, so no trout plants are scheduled. The fishing derby is coming...... Read More