Hesperia Lake Fishing Report

Hesperia Lake - Hesperia, CA (San Bernardino County)

Channel Catfish
Tony Roswell from Grant Pass, Oregon, landed himself a BEAUTIFUL 13lb catfish using mackerel over on North Shore.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Hesperia Lake

by Hesperia Lake Staff

• Date of Fishing Report: 9/21/20

• Report Completed By: Anthony

• Best Bait: Garlic Mackerel, Garlic Shrimp, Nightcrawlers

• Dates Covered in this Fishing Report: 9/9/20 - 9/21/20

• Weather Conditions: Hot days (approx. 99-104 degrees) and cool nights (approx. 66-75 degrees). We’ve had many clear days, along with some windy days.

• Water temperature: 77 degrees, Water level: 100% normal, Clarity: clear to about 2 feet from the shore.

• Last stock - Catfish (1,000 lb): Thursday, 9/17/2020

• Next stock - Catfish (1,000lb): Thursday, 9/24/2020

• Hatchery: Superior Catfish Inc., Arvin, CA (Catfish)

• Average size: Most 1.5 - 2.5lb. Several were caught in the 3-5 range.

• Top spots of the week: Finger, North Shore, Sandy Point

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