Medium Action For Striped Bass & Bluegill This Week

Lake Skinner - Temecula, CA (Riverside County)

by Lake Skinner Marina Staff
(951) 926-8515

Striped Bass: Medium action on these beauties. If you prefer to target this species we would suggest using deeper diving hard baits or even trolling throughout the lake in hopes to connect to one of these usually ferocious fish.

Bluegill: Medium action one of the best bites at the lake this past week. Very possible to break wide open in the right spot Fishign mealworms or crickets. Use a small BB split shot and what for the strike to fall!

Catfish: Slowed a bit this week but still catches being reposted near the inlet. The lakes water has dropped. Use chicken liver or anchovies for best results.

Largemouth Bass: A few regulars have reported decent jerk bait fishing. Another successful bait of recent has been the good ole senko, wacky rig preferred.

Trout:  No Tout

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Striped Bass: Striped bass have remained steady, near the dam and inlet. Always keep an eye out for boiling schools. Bluegill: we recommend bringing crickets from the marina. Another excellent bait is a whole mealworm or piece of nightcrawler. Catfish: Use chicken liver or other cut bait near the inlet if you have access or the same bait all over the Ramp 2 area. It is fairly early to have a productive day fishing for cats there past few weeks. Largemouth Bass: Slower...... Read More