Anglers Still Having Luck Catching Catfish & Stripers From Shore

Pyramid Lake, CA - Caswell, CA (Los Angeles County)

by Pyramid Lake Staff

Despite the cold and snowy weather over the past week, anglers have still had luck catching catfish and stripers from the shoreline, along the rip rap in front of the boat shop and the canal by the entrance booth. The points past the swim beach have also been producing fish on various cut baits such as anchovies, sardines and mackerel. Spanish Point, Brazos Canyon, and the Yellowbar stretch have been a few hot spots that people were catching stripers from down deep off cut baits as well. The bass have still been biting various soft plastic baits and jigs but people have reported some reaction bites on crankbaits and jerkbaits along rocky points and flats throughout the lake. Jigs with various trailers have been effective to manage the winds, working deep waters off of walls and coves with these tough and colder conditions.
**Notice: New Lake Hours*** 7am-6pm (Gates locked at 6pm)
Boat Rentals are available until 2pm and must be returned to the docks no later than 4pm. (Late Fees Applicable)
Private Watercrafts must be on the water no later than 3pm and must be off the lake no later than 5pm.
(The Quagga re-tagging station closes at 5pm as well)
Campgrounds are currently open and reservations can be made at then search "Los Alamos Campgrounds"
All other lake information can be found on the main website at under the "Lake Facilities" tab.
We can be reached at:
Kiosk 661.295.7155
Boat Shop/Tackle 661.294.9403
For road information, call 1.800.GAS.ROAD

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