Fishing has been decent these past few weeks

Castaic Lake - Castaic, CA (Los Angeles County)

by Castaic Lake Staff

The water keeps dropping slowly but surely and will continue to drop around 30-40 more feet. We hope they keep their word and start filling it back up at the end of this year. Fishing has been decent these past few weeks and there has been a lot fo surface action and reaction bites. Topwater, reaction baits, and flukes have been working for stripers and largemouth bass.

The largemouth and smallmouth are also eating nightcrawlers and plastic worms on the drop shot or c-rig. Some of the bigger striper caught have been off the troll. Most anglers using an umbrella rig or flies have been having the best luck, and some anglers have been using flutter spoons to some prevail.

The stripers in the boils are mainly smaller 6-12 inch fish. Some of the bigger stripers are eating cut bait. Sardines, anchoives and lug worms have also been the ticket.

The catfish are also becoming more prevalent lately. Some big ones have been caught off good old nightcrawlers, chicken liver, and cut bait.

The trout bite reminds slow, and the bluegill and crappie also remain elusive with a few caught here and there off a nightcrawler.

The lower lake is currently better for these species now.

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