Open Party Trip

by Shawn Steward
(805) 844-5566

Todays open party trip fish count
12 passengers
52 calico bass
2 yellowtail
1 halibut
2 lingcod
3 bonito
44 rockfish
11 whitefish
We have room all next week. Water is still warm and there’s still good fishing to be had.

The Aloha Spirit runs 5 AM trips out of CISCOs in Oxnard. We target White Seabass, Calico Bass, Yellowtail and Halibut when available. We also will run Rockfish and Lingcod Specials. Call CISCOs at (805) 382-1612 or BOOK ONLINE.

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Aloha Spirit

Captain Shawn Steward
Channel Islands Sportfishing
Oxnard, CA

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