Weekend Recap

by Aaron Graham
(310) 832-8304

Long post to recap. This weekend the guys got another round of curveballs thrown at them with changing conditions and the amount of pressure in the area but have kept at it and endured quite a few heartbreaks of lost fish. It happens sometimes, fish counts have been down but the opportunity has been there. Still some giants to be had and with a little over a month to go for the derby we’re excited to see how it finishes. Every spot on the board for the halibut is a fish over 30lbs including the Junior division! We go again Wednesday and throughout next weekend! Recommended tackle we’ve had success with is pretty simple; 4,8,12 and even 16oz (for the windy days) torpedo or cannon ball style sinkers, size 2-3/0 J hooks (bait this last week has been giant, big change from the last 2 months), size 8-4 treble hooks, 20-25lbs flourocarbon leader, and a lighter bait stick to drift with. We’re going to be poking around a little more at the bass when the water cleans up and things look right but for now most of our focus has been on the halibut.  See ya this week! -
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The Native Sun departs at 7 AM from 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro. If you would like to go fishing with us please call (310) 832-8304 or BOOK ONLINE.

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Native Sun

Captain Aaron Graham
22nd Street Landing
San Pedro, CA

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