Pierpoint Landing

Long Beach, CA

Pierpoint Landing
200 Aquarium Way
Long Beach, CA 90802

Tide Chart

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Pierpoint Landing Fleet

Captain Jon Batts
Captain Andy Siratt
Captain Wes Flesch
Captain Tino Valentine
Captains Ray Lagmay & Paul Working

Fish Counts for July 26th, 2021
Boat Trip Type Anglers Fish Count
City of Long Beach 1/2 Day AM 30 83 Sculpin, 20 Calico Bass, 13 Sand Bass
Enterprise Full Day 28 140 Sculpin
Pierpoint Landing Dock Totals
2 Boats 2 Trips 58 Anglers 223 Sculpin, 20 Calico Bass, 13 Sand Bass
As of 2:30 PM July 26th, 2021

Trip Photos