Cachuma Lake Fishing Report

Cachuma Lake - Santa Barbara, CA (Santa Barbara County)

Largemouth Bass
Greg Novak from Carpinteria caught a 6lb largemouth from the shore of Lake Cachuma using a spook in 4 feet of water.

by Cachuma Lake Staff

As of October 10th, 2021 the lake capacity was at 48%. We are now in fall season for bass fishing.  Fall is considered one of the best times for bass fishing ( also spring). Bass will push back shad into the backs of pockets, bay , coves and creek arms. In fall you will want to look for grass as it will hold shad as core from predatory fish. Using lipless crankbaits, chatter baits, swim jigs, flukes and senkos will yield you the best results around the grass. If fishing near rock, try using drop shot, ned rigs, and Texas rig.

The water level is dropping so most cover is now out of water, bit its also producing new spots to fish from the bank. Keep and eye out for new points or creek channels to fish from.

The trout bite will slowly be getting better as the water temp cools. Once it hits 68 degrees the trout will resurface in shallower water. Trout will be planted town the end of October. No exact date announced.

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As of September 19th the lake capacity was 50%. We are now in summer to fall time transition for bass fishing. This means the colder water will be shifting to the surface. This will make fish a bit tougher as bass will tend to suspend. However, bass will school up and feed on the dying shad population in order to fatten up for the winter season. You will want to use shad profile baits such as crank baits, swimbiats, umbrella rigs,...... Read More

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